Business Continuity Policy


The objective of business continuity is to ensure the continuation of business activities during and following any critical incident that results in disruption to normal operational capability. To realise this objective, AusHealth has implemented a Business Continuity Management policy and procedures identifying:

  • Activities required to prevent and prepared for critical incidents; and
  • Practical contingency plans that will enable management to focus on resuming and maintaining business activities whilst working in a planned manner toward eventual restoration of business as usual.

Business Continuity Management is critical to responsible management practice and an important element of a business’ integrated approach to risk management. 

Business Continuity Principles

AusHealth’s Business Continuity Management approach shall achieve its objectives through the following overarching principles:

  • Applying a consistent approach;
  • Aligning Business Continuity activities with risk management activities;
  • Building resilience and organisational capacity through the application of robust Business Continuity practices;
  • Undertaking business analysis to understand critical risks;
  • Undertaking preventative and preparedness activities;
  • Regularly reviewing Business Continuity practices.

Copies of our Business Continuity policy and procedures are available on request by contacting us via email or on 1800 724 457.