Gender Equity Policy


AusHealth strives to provide a vibrant and inclusive community, including a safe and supportive working and environment for people of all genders. To realise these objectives, AusHealth has implemented a range of measures to prevent gender-based discrimination and adopts flexible and inclusive provisions for staff.

AusHealth has adopted a Diversity Policy.

Policy Statement

AusHealth is committed to improving and promoting gender equality and diversity in the workplace through strengthening recruitment and retention practices to foster a high-quality workforce, and promoting gender inclusive and participatory decision-making.

It is envisaged achieving gender equality will enable AusHealth to attract, motivate and retain a diverse and high performance workforce, and build social inclusion.

AusHealth’s Diversity Policy is supported by a number of related policies including: 

  • Flexible Working Arrangements Policy;
  • Recruitment and Selection Policy;
  • Prevention of Harassment, Discrimination and Bullying Policy.

Copies of our Diversity Policy are available on request by contacting us on or on 1800 724 457.