Outsourced account services

Debt Management

What are the benefits of outsourcing accounts receivable?

By placing the responsibility of managing the non-Medicare accounts receivable with our experts at AusHealth Hospitals means that you’ll save both time and money, and you’ll improve your cash flow position. AusHealth Hospitals do not charge you anything until we collect.

Letting AusHealth Hospitals assist you with your non Medicare accounts receivable means your hospital can focus on what really matters. We will chase down overdue payments for you to achieve a stable and positive cash flow. Giving you more time on building and growing your hospital to benefit your staff and community. 

Outsourcing your non Medicare accounts receivable to AusHealth Hospitals means that you’ll gain an improved level of systems and processes in place to control collection activity and reduce debtor days. In return, you’ll achieve a far greater revenue returned to your Hospital.

Effective efficiency

When you outsource accounts receivable services to AusHealth Hospitals, you can get professional help that gives you back time to concentrate on your department. It also can free your staff from doing a job for which they may not have the experience and or skills. In outsourcing accounts receivable, your hospital will experience less wastage of people and resources.

Remaining in control

By outsourcing accounts receivable to AusHealth Hospitals, you will always have access to up-to-date data. Instead of realising too late that your cash flow is being impacted. You won’t lose control of the accounts receivable process either: Many hospitals don't realise going in that they manage an outsourced provider more stringently than their in-house resources were managed.

Lowering unnecessary or unexpected costs

One of the best ways to improve your cash flow is by lowering unnecessary expenditure. Outsourcing non-Medicare accounts receivable to AusHealth Hospitals helps to lower the indirect costs associated with trying to do it all yourself: reviewing your case files, making follow-up phone calls or other communications, keeping the file up-to-date.

No hidden fees

It's important to know that if you engage AusHealth Hospitals to assist you recover non-Medicare payments that we do not have any hidden fees. We work on an agreed fee percentage of recovered debt structure.

What it that means

  • No skip tracing fees
  • No account closure fees

What's more, we offer free services such as

Reporting of debt to the Department of Home Affairs - ensuring returning patients from Overseas clear their outstanding public health debt prior to entry into Australia on their next visit. This ensures the hospital has the best chance of recovery of their outstanding debt.

Staffing costs

The responsibility of managing the accounts receivable is done by our experts, and so there is no need for extra or unplanned full-time accounts receivable resources in your hospital. You’ll save both time and money, and you’ll improve your cash flow position.

State-of-the-art Systems and People

Our on-site AusHealth Hospitals Patient Billing Coordinators are multi-lingual and trained to work to patients to ensure the payment process is initiated before it turns into a long-term debt. On-site staff are only the 'tip of the iceberg' and supported by a team of people in each state that investigate and develop a strategy on each account and have access to many health insurers claims systems.


AusHealth® fully complies with the Australian Debt Recovery Guidelines (ACCC & ASIC) and Australian Privacy Act. We specialise in revenue and debt recovery services for Medicare ineligible patients in the Australian healthcare industry.


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