Medical Research

AusHealth Hospitals returns the profits from its business to support scientific and medical research being conducted in universities and hospitals in Australia. This is managed under one of our other arms, AusHealth Research, which offers a website dedicated to discussing current projects and past successes. A snapshot of some of these projects is below.


Firefly device

Worn by the patient like a wristwatch, the Hypowatch (pictured right) is a non-invasive way of alerting diabetics to onset of hypoglycaemia.


MicroStreak is an automated means of plating microbiology specimens, improving culture performance and laboratory accuracy.

Mesenchymal Stem Cells

This technology draws and isolates stem cells from blood, allowing them to be used to treat tissue damage in the heart, joints or bone.


Nearing human trials, APOMAB is an antibody that targets the proteins in cancer, allowing more precise delivery of treatments.

Carmenta Diagnostic

Researchers have identified an earlier and less invasive means of diagnosing Down Syndrome from the mother’s blood.