Queensland Health owed $44 million from patients ineligible for Medicare

ABC News

Posted: 14 Apr 2021

Queensland’s public hospitals are owed $44 million in unpaid patient bills, primarily from Medicare-ineligible patients such as international travellers.

A NSW Auditor-General report from November 2019 found NSW Health had $64 million in unpaid medical bills and wrote off $20 million as unrecoverable.

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Medical debt of visiting Indian patients mounts to 1.7 million

SBS Punjabi

Posted: 29 Jan 2020

Healthcare authorities in New Zealand are struggling to cope up with the growing medical debts of people on visitor visas. Around 300 Indian-origin families owe $1.7 million in unconsolidated healthcare debts in the Manukau District Health, Auckland.

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'It's not fair': Tourists leave taxpayers with $84m hospital bill

The Sydney Morning Herald

Posted: 6 Dec 2019

The health minister says taxpayers shouldn't have to pay the bills of tourists who amassed $64 million in unpaid hospital fees last year and a further $20 million already written-off.

A NSW Auditor-General's report on health found NSW Health charged $113.6 million to Medicare-ineligible patients in 2018-2019.

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Tourists targeted in medical insurance awareness campaign


Posted: 31 Jan 2019

NSW Minister of Health Brad Hazzard wants to stop local taxpayers footing the bill for tourists who need medical care on their trip to Australia.

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